Reenactor Event Calendar

This calendar includes only events where reenactor participation is welcome or expected.

If you would like to add an event to this page, please contact Erik Runge (WWIIRC Commander).

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As reenactors, we participate in four different types of events:

Private Training

Training is put on about once a month in the off-seasons by the units of the WWII Reenacting Corps.  Its purpose is to teach reenactors basic tactics,  mannerisms, and to keep the unit active in the time between major events.  These are not public events. 

Public Displays

Public displays are events in which we display our uniforms and equipment for public viewing.  Some examples of venues we do public displays at include gun shows, military shows and air shows.  At public displays, you may see our reenactors wearing other WWII impressions other than the units to which they belong. 

Public Battles

Public battles are staged battles for public viewing.  Usually, these battles are well planned out and the Germans always lose. These battles usually include a weapons demonstration and a uniform and gear explanation. 

Private Tactical Events

Tacticals are real-time events held between reenacting units.  There are usually objectives to complete while tactics and strategy are used to try and out-smart the enemy.  These are not public events. 


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Last Update: 09 Dec 2023

All events/times are subject to change.