World War II Reenacting and Living History can be a valuable educational tool for both those who participate and those who witness the activity. It is a way to transport the participant and viewer alike back into the past to see first-person at least some measure of what life was like as a soldier, sailor, airmen or civilian during a particular time period.

The World War II History Center, based out of El Dorado, KS, has its own reenacting units for the purpose of staging mock battles, providing demonstrations, and participating in parades and displays.

These units are known as the: 

The Mission of the Reenacting Corps is to fulfill

the WWII History Center's Vision:

"To remember a generation,

to honor their sacrifices, and

to educate future generations."

We can also help guide those interested in establishing a living history impression for those that would like to teach others about a particular role during World War II, whether it is a military or civilian persona.

To learn more about re-enacting and living history,

click on one of our units below that correspond to your interests.

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The Reenacting Corps currently has two units.  These units, as well as our Living Historians, make up the Reenacting Corps.

505th Parachute Inf. Reg.

82nd Airborne Division



WWII Reenacting Corps' Major Events

Information on the WWII Reenacting Corps' Annual Public Battle in November.

Information about the annual tactical event held just north of Emporia, KS.

Information about the Battle in the Brickyard in Peru, KS, held annually on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

If you are a film maker or photographer and would like to contract our services, please let us know!

Reenacting and living history is a hobby by history enthusiasts.  We do not condone nor agree with nor promote the politics of the nations represented during the second world war.  

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