WWII March through the Flint Hills

Marching is an essential element of military discipline and an ever-present feature of a soldier's life, from any era.  Marching ensures that forces make it from one point to another in an orderly fashion.  Soldiers from every nation in WWII were on the march constantly - across Poland and France during the Blitzkrieg of 1939 and 1940, from Poland to the gates of Moscow and back, back and forth across the deserts of North Afrika, up the Italian peninsula and across all of Western Europe towards Berlin.  

Come challenge yourself in this joint training event for all WWII reenactors, American, German, Russian or whatever else you portray!  This is a 5-10 mile ruck march held during the winter (what better way to work off those Christmas pounds?).  We hike on the Flint Hills Nature trail going into Council Grove.  We carry full combat gear and weapons and average about 3 mph on the march.  Halfway through the march, we stop for a light lunch in the field.  At the completion of the march, we unload and enjoy food and drink at the Hays House.

Want to take it up a notch and try something challenging?  Let us know - we have an MG42 with Lafette tripod and ammo cans, or we have radio sets and wire spools.  

This year's marching orders.

Date: 24 Feb 2024

Location: Flint Hills Nature Trail SW of Council Grove, KS

Distance: 9.9 miles

March Duration: approx. 4 hr 30 min (with 1 hour stop halfway through)

Arrival Time: 1115-1145 in the parking lot behind the Short Stop at 9 E Main St, Council Grove, KS 66846

Shuttle Out: 1145

We will need volunteer drivers to shuttle people out to the starting point.

March Start Time: 1200 at intersection of Rd B and Rd 310 (SW of Council Grove)

Half-Way Break: approx. 1400, at the intersection of S 525 Rd and the Flint Hills Nature Trail

If anyone wants to join for a shorter 5 mile hike, be ready to go at this point by 1445.

End Time: approx. 1630-1700 

We will need volunteer drivers to take the shuttle drivers back to get their cars.

Food and Drink: Hays House

Contact: Erik Runge, erunge@wwiihistorycenter.org

Some typical German items carried and worn on the march

German M31 Tornister Pack

How to pack the M31 Tornister

Along the Flint Hills Trail in Council Grove, KS

Auf dem marsch!

25 March 2023 Participants