★ ☆ ★ 2023 ★ ☆ ★


A WWII Battle Reenactment held in the abandoned

Peru Brick Plant outside Peru, Kansas since 2004 

Friday and Saturday

17-18 November 2023

This will be the NINTEENTH year for the Peru reenactment!  Come experience a WWII reenacting site like none other at an abandoned brick factory.  Terrain varies from urban to woodlands to open fields.

Like in years past, the battle will be both ETO and East Front, so almost all WWII impressions are welcome - U.S., Great Britain, Polish, German and Russian and partisans.  Authenticity is the responsibility of unit commanders and ultimately by event coordinators.

Special effort is made by the force commanders to separate the Eastern and Western Allies during the battle for the best experience for all participating reenactors. 

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Fri. Night:

Small scenario in the factory after dark (no weapons or ammo for safety reasons) 

Sat. Tactical:

Saturday, from 0900-1600

Battle starts at 0900 sharp.  

Plan on 30 min for registration & safety check 

So if you want to be part of the first deployment, you must be on-site by 0830 at the very latest! 


2536 US HIGHWAY 166 Peru, KS  67360

Primitive camping available on-site 


$25 (Hot Breakfast & Lunch Provided)



Café de Peru opens at dusk on Friday evening for food and entertainment.  Bring your own drinks!

Peru Brick Company History

The Peru Brick Company built in 1904 in Peru, Kansas.  At full production, the factory produced 21,000 gas burned, shale made bricks per day.  In 1909, the Midland Brick Company purchased the factory and made it one of the best brick factories in the country.  State of the art equipment and top-notch workers were brought to Peru.  Peru's bricks were known by their very sharp edges - a feature created by the way the bricks were cut after being fired.  The factory expanded in 1910.  Bricks were shiped by rail a few years later on the Santa Fe - a side track was brought in.  The factory was powered by local natural gas and featured internal running water and plumbing - features that were unheard of locally at the time.  The 1910s and 1920s saw the factory change names and owners several times and shifted to producing terra cotta roffing tiles.  By 1923, production was totally focused on tiles.  Sales slumped and continued to drop.  The plant eventually was shut down and sold in the 1930s.  In 1943, the property was purchased and used as a cattle ranch by Nora and Herbert Joslin.  Herbert died in 1967 and Nora in 2007.  The property is still owned by the Joslin family - it passed to Greg Joslin who is the mayor of Peru.  

Source: https://abandonedks.com/midland-brick-company/ by Emily Cowan 

If you plan on attending, here's what you need to do:

1) Register: either using the online form or by mailing this paper form, or by contacting Mr. Runge by email.  Registration is not required, but is greatly appreciated for planning.

2) Review the release: Review the Release and Indemnification Form.  To speed up registration, you can print, sign the form and bring it on your own, or copies will be available on-site when you arrive.  A completed Release Form is required for your participation.

German Map of the Site

Click here to download and print off a large German-style map of the site.